Our core beliefs are best expressed in The Apostle’s Creed. We emphasize living out our faith in our daily lives through graceful relationships, missions, worship and sharing our faith with others. We believe that the plan that God has for our lives is revealed to us through the practice of our faith in these everyday ways.

Who We Are

We share a common heritage with other Christians: conviction that God has mercy and love for all people; belief in the triune God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, faith in the mystery of salvation through Jesus Christ. We believe that the Church is a vehicle for the movement of the Holy Spirit in our world and that the Church is to work for the coming Kingdom of God.

Experience God's Presence

Two Services Every Sunday

Early Worship Service 9:15am (English)

Semilla Servicio de Adoración y Alabanza 11:00am (Spanish)



We are very intentional in our belief that a church should reflect the community that God has planted it in.  We are open to all people and our church works hard to assure that everyone, no matter their circumstance, feels welcome and loved.

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